Thursday, March 17, 2011

2200 3/17/11

Well as day two comes to a close one thing is for certain. Erin Grenon has an awesome support team. Father Paul, who married us came in today to pray over Erin. He was great and touched us all with his kind words, he is working a miracle. Erin has a wonderful team here at Ochsner! Her doctor is pleased with her progress. She will go in for a CT scan in the morning. I will of course update this blog with any information as it comes in. Until then here is a picture of the always photogenic Erin. Thanks for all of the positive thoughts, prayers, visits, texts, etc. Keep em' coming. I love you all, Dustyn

Location:Marconi Dr,New Orleans,United States


  1. Thanks for the updates Dustyn! I am following closely as I am sure Erin will pull through this. You and her both are so loved and know that we are praying and have faith for her recovery.

  2. Hey Dustyn, great news. Willie & I and all your neighbors are sending prayers her way. I told you she was a tough one. I know she will pull thru this and be just as feisty as ever!!!! Let us know if we can do anything for you, or anything at the house please. Love Yall!!!

  3. Thanks for the updates Dustyn and all the great photos. Erin and your family are in my thoughts and prayers every day. I know Erin is tough and will come through this.

    Beth Shapiro (Erin's colleague at St. George's)