Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Erin & Ava news report... A lilttle something to hope make you smile!

Here is a little clip of Erin and Ava. They take the 8th grade to Washington D.C. every year. Michael was kind enough to dig this up and share it. You have to watch it until the end though.....


  1. Ava's reaction is priceless. Thanks for the laugh and your updates, Dustyn. Our hearts are with you all. Looking forward to the time when you and Erin trek over to Florida for a little R and R and a lot of insanity at Tatum's. See you then!
    Dave and Tammy Eby

  2. I love it!!!! Its so Erin. Can't wait to sit outside with some wine and chat about this one with yall. Our hearts and prayers are always with you and Erin!!! Hang in!!!

  3. Thanks for sharing Dustyn. How funny. And Erin is such a natural! Why am I not surprised... I know the kids will miss Erin and everyone will be thinking of her when they go to Washington next week.

    Happy belated birthday. Praying and thinking of y'all everyday.