Saturday, March 26, 2011

Erin Crossin Grenon Foundation

A not for profit account has been set up for Erin.  You can walk into any Regions Bank and make a donation to the fund.  All you need to know is the name "Erin Crossin Grenon Foundation" and the account number, would not hurt either 0083988572.  If a Regions is not convenient to you, you can mail a donation.

Region Bank By Mail
P.O. Box 2527
Mobile, AL 36652

I am also gonna try to link this account to Paypal.

This is gonna be a long road for Dustyn and Erin.  Lots of expenses will be incurred.  This is the easy part that you and I can take care of, for Dustyn and Erin.


  1. Kelley, this is a great - I mean a GREAT thing to do. We will pass this around. I know that Dustyn's HCHS Alumni are spreading the word for donations. Becky and Candi are awesome to do this as well. Brandon and I are heading to New Orleans soon to visit. If you need us to take anything or do anything, just let us know.

  2. fantastic. i'm posting this on my facebook.

  3. I hope you feel better Mrs.Grenon