Sunday, March 20, 2011

Family Thoughts

We truly cannot begin to express our gratitude for the tremendous amount of support, love and encouragement for my sister Erin. The many visits, texts, and prayers have been incredibly touching and overwhelming just trying to take it all in. From family, friends, coworkers,
students, parents, and waiting room friends, it is a true example of the strength that Erin will need to get through this. My mom, dad, Melissa, Pat and I appreciate everything that you all have done for my sister and Dustyn. We feel blessed beyond words.

For those of you fortunate enough to have a sister, you know the bond that exists between you. You are best friends at heart, always there for each other, and want to protect them no matter what the situation. Melissa and I thank you for praying for our sister and for most that know her, know she is a very kind, loving and determined person. She is a fighter, she is our hero, and I truly feel in my heart that her giving new life to Melissa, God will give her life and take care of her.

To our superhero Uncle D:
It is beyond putting into words to witness your love and encouragement towards Erin. You are inspiring to watch. So while you thank everyone, my mom, dad, Melissa, Pat and I thank you for being so STRONG for Erin. We are forever grateful for your constant love for her. You have been so awesome. Your wife would be so proud, and don't worry she will get a full report, organized and filed by day, time, and event, just in Erin fashion. She may even freely and cooperatively let you eat off of her plate on Sundays! If you remember at your wedding rehearsal, I said in my toast that we always wondered who the hell was going to marry Erin? We are so lucky and blessed it was you.

Thanks again to everyone, and remember to live a little lighter, laugh a little more and dance like nobody is watching...I've learned that from Erin.
With much love and gratitude,


  1. Kelli,
    I truly enjoyed reading your post. Erin is heavy on my mind these days. I read her blog page, and Facebook posts from Melissa. I have called Mrs. Kathy a few times and spoke with her about the latest updates with Erin.
    You have been blessed with such a beautiful family. Melissa and Erin seem to be the greatest sisters any one could ask for. Dustyn seems to be such a wonderful husband with incredible strength. I am certain he is a fabulous Uncle to your boys and a great brother-in-law to you. I will continue to keep your family in my heart and pray for Erin's recovery. Trust that God is keeping close watch over Erin as she is healing.
    Faithful thoughts,

  2. Thanks Kelli. You are a great Mom and one of the best sister in laws ;) your boys, including Pat are so lucky to have you!

  3. Kelli, I do not know if you remember me. I am Collin Greene's mom from Parkway. I have been following your sister's progress everyday and have been praying for her and your family. I will continue to do so everyday...God bless you and yours.


  4. Kelli, It's Johnnie de St Germain from Green Acres. I just wanted to say our family is praying for Erin's recovery and for strength for your family at this difficult time. We follow Erin's Recovery Blog and ask God everyday to help Erin by blessing her with good progress each day. Much Love to you and your family and Dustyn seems to be such a sweetheart, how lucky for Erin and your family, but I have such fond memories of how sweet and kind all of you girls were at such young ages and continue to be as young women.

  5. Heard the news today about Erin from my sister Jan. Please let your family know prayers are coming from Houston and she will be added to our local church prayer list. I can not even begin to imagine your pain. Sounds like she is one tough fighter & is heading uphill! I will continue to check her blg my thoughts & prayers.

    Jennifer Clasen Burris