Friday, March 25, 2011

Friday Afternoon Update

Erin was resting well this morning, ready for her procedure. Around 1015 she started to stir and I could tell she was "waking" up. It is like there is another level of consciousness. Her grip strengthens and she straightens her head up. I shook her right arm and asked for a thumbs up, to which she replied with a thumbs up!
Her procedure went well and when I came into the room to see her afterwards she had tears running down her cheeks. I've never been happy to see my wife cry, but to see her display emotion was a great sight. Nurse Colleen promptly gave her something to ease her pain. so no worries.
Erin's CT scan from last night shows slightly reduced swelling. The doctors think that she may be off of the ventilator in a few days.
Tonight is rosary Praying for Erin at St. Edward the Confessor at 5:30 Central.


  1. Such good news. I can't make it tonight, but will praying along. Thanks so much Dustyn for keeping everyone updated. Erin has been in my thoughts constantly, and this blog has been such a comfort. Stay strong...

  2. Erin will BE the miracle. She knows it too. I felt that so strongly yesterday when Tamara and I saw her with Melissa. She will be the miracle. She is the miracle. She made a neurosurgeon and the head of ICU get tears in their eyes. We get the miracle... she is the miracle. I believe.

  3. That is great news!!! We will try to make it tonight if I can get out if work. But I have some information for you that I know will help you.

  4. This is wonderful news!!!! There's nothing like the power of prayer. Thank you for sharing and making my day!

  5. You are a true inspiration!!!! Keep on fighting girl!!! I will be praying for you tonight and everyday until you fully recover. If anyone can get through is YOU. Much love to your hubby and family as they are also a true inspiration on what it means to be family.
    Jennifer Bruce Morrison

  6. Hi Dustin<
    With peggy and thinking of yA"ll Just want you to know we are praying and keeping you in our prayers.
    Denise and Sherman Bernard

  7. Dustyn, I have never met you but I just had to Thank You for the updates that you and the rest of Erin's family post on here. Like so many other ppl have shared, I think about Erin many times throughout each day and hope and pray for even greater news than the last each time that I check the blog. This news is amazing and I can't imagine the emotions that you must feel each time that you get some form of a response or emotion from her. I've learned a few things from this experience...the first is that Erin has an AMAZING support system, especially such an admirable husband who clearly took the words "for better or worse" seriously. I have also learned to NEVER take the little things in life for granted, like going into and out of an attic like I have done so many times by myself with nobody else home. And lastly I have learned that Erin has people EVERYWHERE who are rooting for her and that is b/c she is such a genuine, happy and encouraging person who has touched the lives of so many ppl. I will continue praying for her to recover and for you and her family to have the strength to help her through this.

    Stephanie Burgard Young