Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Kicking Butt and Taking Names

Erin is resting up for the night. She had a good day. No news, but no news is good news. She is stable, comfortable, and healing. Erin is tough, but she does love her rest! To prove how tough she is I have included a picture of her practicing for the apocalypse.


  1. Just heard the news tonight and am shocked to say the least but ever since I met Erin some 25 yrs ago she has always had this special spirit about her that I never saw in anyone else! My prayers will be full with Erin, and Dustin and of course the entire Crossin Family! Thank You for this wonderful website I think you all are doing a wonderful job and I am sure with all the prayers, love and support and her own fighting will she will out live us all! I adore Erin always have and always will! Love to you all!!!

    Kind Regards,
    Jamie Rodriguez Hebert

  2. I'll admit that I never had deep thoughts about how beautifully shaped Erin's little nose is.... but yesterday, because I had not seen her in 2 days, I noticed the swelling had improved so much that I could see that perfectly beautiful nose. And speaking as an artist, it actually is quite extraordinary. I am sure Erin would get a kick out of the way too much time I spent thinking about her nose... love you guys - thinking about Erin all the time.