Monday, March 21, 2011

Monday evening update

Erin did well today. She was started on some prophylactic antibiotics yesterday when she had the fever and they will probably discontinue those once her cultures come back negative for a certain number of days. Although Erin was placed back on the ventilator, she is breathing over the vent. Basically, they set the ventilator to give her a certain number of breaths per minute and she is getting more breaths per minute because she initiates them herself. The doctors told Dustyn that Erin will have a tracheostomy later in the week. For people who are expected to be on the ventilator for an extended period of time (around 2 weeks), a tracheostomy is a better option. It has been shown to decrease the risk of developing pneumonia. It also decreases damage to the larynx that can occur from having an intubation tube in place for an extended period of time. It is considered in people with facial trauma or neurologic injury. It would be difficult for Erin to cough and to maintain her secretions, so a trach prevents her from having to perform these tasks. It will allow Erin to always have a safe and reliable airway throughout her recovery. Overall, she is looking great and I know she is constantly in our thoughts and prayers.


  1. Thanks for the update Elizabeth. Seems everyday is another baby step in the right direction. Erin will be our prayers daily.

  2. Thanks Liz I could have never gotten that across gracefully!