Saturday, March 19, 2011

Saturday Night Update

Well the doctors have said that every day won't be easy and today was one of those days. Erin is doing good though she was easily agitated as the doctors are tweaking her meds and judging her reactions. No CT scans. She still has swelling of the brain but the doctors are confident that it is "normal". Erin's recovery will take time, this is something that I realize and know that we have all the time she needs, and will heal on her schedule.
Kay treated me with a wonderful surprise and got a room for me for two nights at the Brent House Hotel. Ochsner has a hotel connected to the hospital that is only about 100 yards from the ICU. (too cool) This will allow me to sleep in a bed instead of the waiting room floor, Thanks Kay. I am just not prepared to leave Erin overnight yet. She may not need me, but I couldn't rest being any further away yet. It comforts me to know I am steps from her and her awesome nurses and doctors.
Again I want to thank everyone for the support! I love you all and am humbled by your kindness, it is obvious how great a gift we have in Erin!

Here is a picture of Erin and her awesome Mom. Priscilla is the best mother-in-law, mother, grandmother on earth and is solid as a rock!

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  1. Dustyn, stay strong. Talk to her when you are in the room with her. Keep positive thoughts. And she does need you. Erin just hearing your voice will comfort her in more ways than you know. Yes, Erin is a gift...a perfect one. Love to you both.