Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Small Victories

Erin was resting quietly after her procedure. The shunt is draining her excess cerebral spinal fluid (CSF) effectively. The physicians are also measuring her "opening pressure" each hour which is an indicator of how much intracranial pressure Erin has. So far, her ICP has been within an acceptable range. The other good news is that the fluid that is draining is clear and pale yellow(non-bloody). When Erin's nurses came in to assess her, they asked her to give them a "thumbs up". Instead, she lifted up her bossy index finger! :) She also squeezed Dustyn's hand. V for victory!

A very important thing to remember is that this drain has direct access to Erin's brain and spinal fluid. Although we are always concerned about infection, it is of greatest importance to keep this area infection-free! Keep up the great hand washing! She is on prophylactic antibiotics at this time.

Like Dustyn said today, "It's a small victory in the grand scheme of things, but we'll take it". Well said!

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  1. Great news!!!!! Love the picture!!!! She climbed over the bump in her road, and is off and running again. You go Erin!!!!!