Thursday, March 31, 2011

Strong and Sassy

I could not help but post this picture. It is so Erin, just posing and showing us just how strong she really is. Dustyn is so right about the families, we are all very blessed. Some family members are established from birth and many others you gather along your life journey. Regardless of where and when you meet, your family becomes an important part of who you are.

Thanks to all who attended the Rosary and who prayed at their own location last Friday. What a powerful showing of support and prayers for Erin! We appreciate the continued support and prayers. Keep it up Erin- we are so proud of our Nan!!


  1. Kelli, Dustyn and family,
    Know that I am with you in spirit! This blog is a Godsend, I am checking many times a day. Thank you Dustyn for being so good about the updates.
    I am happy to hear that Erin has had such great responses. And to know how much support you all have while managing through this ordeal.
    Love, Kathy

  2. love the pic!!!!

  3. I don't personally know Erin, but she went to Chapelle with a very close friend of mine. I get on here everyday and read the updates. From what I understand Erin was one of a kind! She has a smile to melt a heart and fighting spirit to conquer anything that comes her way! I pray every night for your family and especially for Erin. Y'all are never far from my thoughts :) They always say "if he bring you to it, he will bring you through it" May God Bless you Erin. Know you have tons of people praying fot you!! Prayers and warm thoughts are coming your way. We have prayers coming from Slidell, Mississippi and Marrero, LA. It's the strength of a woman, that always pulls through :)