Sunday, March 20, 2011

Sunday Night Update

Erin had a good day other than the fever that persisted all day. She was about 99.5 at last check. She was relaxing tonight and is going in for a CT scan in the morning. I usually get an update from the doctors in the morning and will update everyone when I know something. We had a great day visiting today. Laughing and crying all within the same conversation is pretty much the norm now and I am more than happy talk to everyone.

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  1. It was nice meeting you and your family tonight. I hope it was ok that we all came up. I hope the children made you smile for a little while. I can't wait to see the pictures. We will continue to pray for Erin and your family. If I can help any of you please let me know. I know you have alot going on but if you you need lunch or anything at all please please call me.
    Julie Hartline

  2. It was an absolute treat Julie! Erin is going to love the cards. It was great to hear the wonderful things the kids say about Erin. Kids won't fake that love and it is moving to see the hearts she has touched.

  3. Also, my dad and the beauty shop lady called the hotel and told them you wete his friend and got the rate down to $59.00 per night. So you might want to check on that tomorrow. If it's not $59- please let me know.