Sunday, March 20, 2011

Sunday Update

Erin is having a good day. She is resting up and isn't on any blood pressure meds today. The doctors were able to elicit a response from her this morning. She is still experiencing swelling, but we have time. They will order another CT scan for tomorrow probably. Her white blood cell count is normal. She has been running a bit of a fever, but the nurses are watching her like a hawk.
I got awesome news this morning about one of my cousins from Canada, Shawn and his wife Tracy are coming in next Sunday to help work this miracle. I'll give some more news as soon as I can.


  1. Dustyn,

    Thank you for keeping the updates coming. I know I speak for many, near and far, from close friends and family members to mere acquaintances, when I say that Erin is constantly on the minds and in the hearts of us all. The time you and others are taking to keep us in the loop is greatly appreciated. Looking forward to many more "good news" updates as Erin continues to heal.

    Danielle Ireland
    ACHS Class of 95

  2. Danielle is so right! There are so many people praying for Erin and checking on her progress here as she heals. I, for one, appreciate the updates every day. Thanks for keeping us posted.

    Many thoughts and prayers,

    Christine Hollier Zaner
    CHS Class of '95