Thursday, March 31, 2011

Thursday Update

Erin had a good day. Tonight she was moving her left hand, squeezing and holding my hand. This is her hand that hasn't been responding too well, good news. Nurse Bob told me they did an EEG today. An EEG is used to measure brain activity. None of the doctors have evaluated the results yet, maybe I'll get some more info tomorrow. I didn't even now they planned on doing one and maybe they are looking for something else. Erin looks restful, right before I left I got another huge yawn. Everything else is stable, she's off antibiotics as well as the ventilator. We're hoping for a great weekend!


  1. Great news Dustyn, once again. She is truly amazing!!!!! Hope you get some good rest tonight!!! Love yall. Always praying.

  2. I look forward to the daily posts on the BLOG. It is such a great way to let others know of Erin's progress. Erin is constantly in my daily prayers. I post the link to her Blog on my Facebook page to keep others informed. Many of my friends are very interested in Erin's recovery. She is listed on many prayer lists within my community and all over the US. We are all keeping the FAITH for Erin.

  3. I'm so, excited for recover i kind of know that you get better. that is the power of god

    Love luke