Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Tuesday March 22nd

Most of you guys know that I am a runner. I get these little daily devotionals via email that I usually just delete. Well I just got one that I thought was pretty appropriate for the situation, " DON'T EXPECT EVERY DAY TO BE BETTER than the last. Some days will be slower than others, and some days might even hurt a bit. But as long as you're on the road, it's a good day."
I just met with Erin's nurse for the day. Erin is doing good. Stable with the same vitals. I will meet with the doctors in a few minutes and let everyone know if there is any news.


  1. You are correct, very appropriate comment for the situation.

    Stable is good. That means she's able to rest and able to heal. I'm sure her body is hard at work mending itself every passing moment.

    We love you guys, Kieffer

  2. And she is on the road.....and it's a GOOD day...

  3. It's those days when we feel like we have nothing left to give when we have the best runs.

    In those tough days we are reminded of Gods grace when we are surrounded by friends and family. We are praying for you and Erin. Stay
    strong. Tell Erin I will treat her to a pair of hawt shoes when she wakes up!!