Saturday, March 26, 2011

Visits are my Therapy

Everyday I realize how many lives Erin touched. Here's a picture from last week of Julie H. And the gang. It was great to visit them. It is great to visit with everyone. Erin has stacks of letters and cards to read while she recovers.
The doctors enforce the fact that this recovery will last months. I don't think they know just how strong Erin and her support group are. She will need everyone to continue to keep her in your thoughts and prayers and keep the visits up. I believe that talking with her let's her know how loved she is. Thanks to all!


  1. The kids will love to see their picture on here. We plan on coming to see ya'll tomorrow if that's ok. Today I enjoyed talking to the people who were at the house for the secret garden tour and telling them about Erin. As for the people that don't know about the tour it is a non profit group for brain injury accidents. I was talking to a lady and I don't remember her name at the moment but anyway, Lexie ( my daughter) was buying something for Mrs. Grenon and I was telling her Erin's story and I told her about this great blog that you were doing and she said" not Erin Grenon, I follow her blog everyday". It was amazing to hear. It gave me the chills. I was so excited. I got alot of great information for you to read.
    We continue to pray for Erin. The kids have come up with a few ways to help. I'm excited that they want to get involved and help. Well we will tell you all about our ideas tomorrow. Good night and remember we are hear for all of you day or night, just call me.

  2. Dustyn, Is there any way that I can send Erin a card? I don't have your address! So if it is o.k. can you email me an address to send cards to! Thanks a bunch and I'm still praying for you both. Michelle Chitty

  3. JHarltine... That was me you met Saturday at the Secret Garden Tour. I hope Erin likes the necklace you guys bought her. I told my husband how I met you and your family and told him about Erin's story and he told me one of his customers in Ponchatoula was telling him about Erin. Sounds like she has lots of friends out there! And lots of love and support! We will continue to pray and if you think of anything my family and I can do to help in any way please let us know.

    Laurie Aucoin

  4. Dustyn, I began subbing for Erin at St. George's in 2002 (when you were on your honeymoon!) and had the pleasure to work with her many times for about 8 years. What a joy that was! You, Erin, and your families have been continually in my prayers since I found out about her accident from Dana, my hairdresser, the day after it happened. My family, my church family (First Baptist, Kenner), as well as family and friends in churches in Missouri, Texas, and California are all praying for you all. Thank you for your faithful updates on the blog. I would consider it an honor to visit with you and Erin, if that is possible.

    Leanna Mohr