Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Wednesday Nights and Green Lights

Well were two weeks into this now. Tonight I had a nice break, I had dinner with a hundred of my friends tonight at a great Metairie restaurant, Dragos. Each year we bring all of our Captains in a week of meetings and conferences. A couple of us were talking and it dawned on us that we have been working together for so long that we practically grew up together. When you grow up with people they are your family. When all else fails, you lean on your family. I have been blessed with an unbelievable family. I love you all. You have taught me the gift of a hug, an offer to help, or a bran muffin. I will not forget these gifts. I will "pay it forward". We will get through this and I will make sure that those in need in my life in the future get these same simple considerations. It really makes a difference. After laughing and talking and eating I took off to the hospital to see Erin for my hour of "ICU therapy". I have become an ICU regular. Every morning there is a new family confused and upset. Their loved one has had an unfortunate accident or circumstance and the family doesn't know how to act. This morning there was a family that couldn't figure out how to get into the ICU unit. I told then how the little card reader on the ICU door turns green during visiting hours, a fact I wish I didn't know. All the nurses and doctors wish me a good morning on my way back to Erin's room, comforting but not somewhere you want to have VIP access.
Tonight, on the way to the 8 o'clock visiting hour I got every green light on the way to the hospital. It felt good. Erin had opened here eyes for the first time in two weeks just hours earlier and I was eager to see her again. Tonight Erin yawned. As cheesy as that sounds it sure was nice to see such a relaxed, natural action. Erin will continue to heal and her body will show new progress. I am thankful for this progress and mindful of certain setbacks. Hopefully tomorrow will bring continued success for Erin's
recovery. If you've hung on this long to my rambling, thanks!


  1. I'm glad you had a good night with friends, you needed it!! We continue to pray for Erin and the rest of the family each and every night. I'm so glad she is doing well tonight. The post earlier had us all jumping up and down crying. I was at work when I saw the GREAT news and everyone just knew that it was about Erin. Somehow they knew it was good news!!! Everyone at work ask me every hour" how is our girl Erin doing now? Have you checked her blog?" it's amazing how people that don't know her seem to really care. Ok well now I am the one rambling. Sorry. As I close my eyes tonight I will be thinking about Erin!!! Good night!!

  2. I was so excited to read all of this this morning. A yawn is a wonderful thing to see. So many great responses all in one day. The prayers continue and the dedicated blog readers will continue. Ramble all you want. We love reading your updates. For those of us who don't feel close enough to visit, we follow this blog daily (or multiple times a day)as our way of "visiting" Erin. Thanks for the ramble.

  3. You might call it rambling, but I call it love. You made my day Dustyn. I can't speak for anyone else, but I have learned that the smallest things in life can be so gratifying,and we sould never take our lives or our loved ones for granted. Erin is an inspiration of determination and strength of life, and you are an inspiration of faith dedication and love. You two together can amazing things. Thanks for sharing your thoughts and Erin's progress. Wonderful news. Keep it coming. Prayers are always flowing.

  4. I couldnt have said it better than Betsy!! Erin is definitely a fighter! Such great news today all around!! Thanks for all the updates and rambles!! Keep up your remarkable strength Dustyn! Near and far, we are all rooting for Erin to make a full recovery! A yawn maybe be small, but it's the small things we should never take for granted!!

    Kelly Bankston Bowles
    ACHS '95

  5. I love the rambling!! I think we have all learned some humility and the importance of making each day in our lives a precious one, throughout this event. So, thank you for these posts, as they do not go unappreciated.

  6. Melissa Motto EdmondsMarch 31, 2011 at 8:26 AM

    Her yawn makes me so happy!
    I agree with all of the other posts and especially with Betsy...we all look so forward to your updates; as short and sweet or long and detailed...we check in often throughout the day for any updates and we say prayers for all involved...I think a lot of us have learned that its the small things in life that make it so special....thank you so much for this blog!!

  7. Dustyn...You and Erin are so good together...I am continuing to pray for ya'll. I eagerly get to this blog a few times a day..thanks for updating it so often. I love the progress.

  8. A beautiful and touching update . Thanks Dustyn:)

  9. Dustyn,
    We all appreciate your rambling! Thank you for sharing all the little details of Erin's progress with us. Eyes opening and a yawn - those may seem like small things normally but we all know that is huge for Erin. What wonderful news. I know she will keep up the good work, and we look forward to hearing about it when she does.
    Continuing to think of Erin and your family daily.
    -Beth Shapiro

  10. Dustyn, Thank you for sharing. Your dedication, strength and willingness to share this ordeal is amazing. We pray for Erin every day. Life is precious...and we are reminded when we read Erin's story.

  11. Dustyn, I just wanted you to know how moved I have been by all of your posts, with all the strength you have shown. We are praying for Erin and you, and your families.
    -Allen & Sally Woods (Trey's parents)

  12. GET WELL

  13. Great update! A small victory is still a victory...well said. We're keeping the prayers coming from Texas! Can't wait to hear more of her progress!

  14. Yes, I'm always late but I am here.. Awesome post D, every word I read of yours brought me to feel your feeling for those few moments, all the love you have for Erin and all the love  you share for your Blessey family (two very different loves but its still all love) I am awed and speechless!  Speaking of Love, there is not a minute that passes that Kieffer and I aren't thinking about you and Erin, and I will never stop cheering, praying, and believing in  "Team Grenon" you both are truly awesome set of people! Love you both lots and lots!