Sunday, April 24, 2011

An Evening For Erin & Easter Update

 Erin has some wonderful friends that are organizing some great events on her behalf. Here is a flyer that Angie Daigrepont designed for "An Evening For Erin" on June 9th. I'm sure this will be a great time and I am looking forward to seeing everyone come out. This is the Thursday before the "Fishing For Erin" tournament so if anyone comes in from out of town you have 2 great events to attend. 
 Erin had a nice day, she had her eyes open for a few hours this afternoon and hasn't had a temp in a few days. I think she is starting to become more aware. she was moving her arms and fingers spontaneously, more so than usual. We're looking forward to this week and are continuing our hopeful, but patient approach to this process. Thanks again to everyone's support Erin couldn't do it without you.


  1. That is great news!!! I plan to come by this week to see her. We continue to pray for all of you. Keep your head up Dustyn. You are doing a great job.

  2. Great News Dustyn. She couldn't do it without your awesome love and support. Keep it up!!!!

  3. Good news. We like good news. Hoping for more good news to come.