Friday, April 8, 2011

Physical Therapy Friday

Erin just got physical therapy. They got her sitting up in the bed and she was really able to get her lungs cleared up a bit. She was able to cough up quite a bit on her own. They worked on her legs, arms, and hands too. The two therapists who came in were so nice. They were just chatting with Erin like it was nothing to meet a girl in a hospital room under these circumstances. I tell ya', It stinks being being in a hospital but if you have to be in one Ochsner is second to none. The staff here have all been amazing. I'm always curious to see who Erin's nurse will be for the day or night shift. Everyday I am greeted, not just by her nurse but all the nurses. They all check in on Erin daily. The doctors will leave messages for me just to say hello if they don't have the chance to stop in. I am sure much like any job nurses, doctors, and medical staff have "off" days but I have not been able to detect anything but the most courteous professionalism day in and day out. Thank you.
I want to thank everyone for all the thoughtful things you have given and done for me and Erin. My lawn has never looked as good as it does now, thank you. Erin's room has had a steady stream of wonderful plant and flower arrangements. They really do brighten up the room. All of the cards and letters get read over and over daily. I especially enjoyed the cards with letters and well wishes addressed specifically to me. I am not a father but the parents and teachers of the kids who have written have got to beam with pride to know how sweet their kids can be. I have had petit fours, sandwiches, salads, mints, cupcakes, and everything in between. I loved it all. My waistline, not so much. I am grateful to everyone for their thoughts and words of encouragement.
Anyway, no more PT till Monday. Hopefully Erin will have a peaceful weekend and be ready to get back to work next week.


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  2. Dustyn, you do not know me but I danced with Erin at Helena Hosch and we also went to Chapelle together. I met you at the reunion but I'm sure you met so many people that night I doubt you remember! :) Anyway, I just wanted to tell you that you are doing a great job keeping us updated with your blogs. I check it every few hours b/c I am always thinking of her. I am also a PT and used to work at Ochsner and you are right they have a great group of therapists over there. I am so happy to hear they are working hard with her and had her sitting up today. It's the little things that are so important right now. Good job Erin! I will continue to think of y'all and pray for her daily. Love, Jenny Hidding Pearson

  3. So good to hear that Erin was able to sit up again and get some PT. You are Erin are blessed with so much support, caring and love from family, friends and even people you don't even know. Erin is truly an inspiration. We are always here for you, and always praying for Erin and You!!!
    The Morgans