Thursday, April 21, 2011

Thursday April 21nd Update

Erin is doing good. Today she wasn't as zonked out as she usually is. It was nice to see, yawning and looking looking around. The nurses all are great. The all poke there head in checking in on Erin and checking out her pictures and cards. They said that they come in the morning and turn on the iPod that I have in the room to play music for her. One of the nurses said that they all think she has the coolest music on her iPod. When you think about it I guess looking at someone's music is like looking into their medicine cabinet, it tells a lot about the person(or so you may think).


  1. Hi Dustyn, Hang in there. You are dealing with the new normal. We are all there with you. I can't imagine how hard it is when you just want her to wake up so you can begin the next phase of Erin's recovery. I am so happy to hear that they are playing her iPOD music to her. That is huge. It will engage her circuits and hopefully help her to wake up. As you noted earlier her response to certain songs should engage her body and brain. I am checking your blog at least hourly so please continue to keep us all posted. Call me if I can be of more help. I am distant but intensely engaged with you all. Hugs to all. Love, Kathy (Crossin)

  2. Great to hear this. Must be nice to see her opening those eyes:)

  3. So happy to see that she gets to listen to her music...I know it has the power to heal! We are praying for you and Erin daily.Love Dee-Dee Johnson