Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Tuesday Update

Erin continues to fight the fight. She continues to fight a fever as well as an elevated heart rate. She is maintaing her weight, they weigh her weekly to make sure that she is meeting her dietary needs. Me and her sisters attended an informational seminar yesterday and it was very insightful. Unfortunately some of the information was hard to swallow. Of course the not knowing Erin's outcome is the most difficult. I am a patient man and will wait and work with her every day. The doctors and therapists had their staff meeting today, predictably with the same results from last week. She has made improvements since her admission such as an increase in tone and withdrawing from pain more readily. The therapists have been teaching me some physical techniques as well as caregiver tips.


  1. We're still here with you Dustyn. Lifting you and Erin up in our thoughts and prayers. Information is helpful but remember that Erin has been touched by the Lord and He will see you all through this.

    My continued prayers for strength and healing are with you all, and especially Erin.

    Houston, TX

  2. Continued prayers for Erin and family from Valdosta, GA.

  3. Dustyn,
    I learned of Erin's accident through Sally and Allen Woods in Valdosta. Sally asked that I write to you and tell you of our experience with our son, Hunter, almost 3 years ago. Hunter fell off a golf cart (was standing up and riding on the back) and hit his head on the asphalt and suffered a TBI and a number of fractures to his skull. He was airlifted from Valdosta to Shands and 3 days later underwent a craniectomy and surgery to the frontal lobe. He was in a medically induced coma for 3 1/2 weeks and the doctors were very cautious in their prognosis and had prepared us for very difficult times ahead and the possibility of losing him. He was able to talk when he woke up but was facing many challenges (physical, memory, speech, emotional). He was inpatient rehab for a couple of weeks when he was released from the hospital and then came home with outpatient rehab therapy for 6 months. He returned to Shands within 3 months of the accident and had the surgery to reattach the bone flap. He was 26 at the time of the accident and will turn 29 this week. He is in his second year of culinary school and is at the top of his class. I tell you all this to give you continued hope that Erin can have a miraculous recovery. All the neurosurgeons and nurses at Shands, the neurologists that have followed Hunter, the Rehab therapists and countless others have repeatedly said "This is a miracle". I recently sent his CT scans to one of Hunter's high school friends who is completing her residency in neurology - she reviewed them with the Neurology Dept at Univ of Arkansas and e-mailed me the message - all the professors declare his recovery is a miracle! We had, as do you, friends and strangers across the country praying for Hunter's recovery and God gave us a miracle. It was a long process but the brain has an amazing ability to heal. Sometimes it is hard to be patient when the progress is slow..... but every small step continues to bring her closer to the Erin you know. I hope that you and Erin's family find encouragement and hope from those of us who have been through this situation. We will continue to keep Erin in our thoughts and prayers and we know that our God performs modern day miracles - we will celebrate the life of one on Friday.
    Blessings, Sue

  4. I continue to think of Erin, you and your family every day. I admire your patience and positivity. Lets all keep up the good spirits and we know Erin will come around!

    Beth Shapiro

  5. hey erin and dustyn i know yall from a close friend of ya'll. Actually went to chicago with you too and we took the picture in the hotel lobby with erin and the girl who made it to maxim for the (not so nice word to the eagles .. im soo very sorry to hear what has been going on, but i think of ya'll daily and pray for erin's recovery.listening to your story and seeing how life changes so instantly and not knowing when or how, has made me look at life in a different prospective. i wish you nothing but the best and praying for you every day. you have amazing friends ,family and husband. good luck to each new day.......natalie (la.)

  6. Sue, thank you for sharing your story. Your son's recovery is awesome. I am educating myself about brain injuries, as you can imagine. It is amazing that every story is different. I do believe Erin has had the best available medical attention. I'm am sur she can feel all of the love coming her way. Thanks to everyone!