Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Wednesday 4/13 Update

Not too much to report.
I talked with Erin's speech therapist today. She reports that Erin has a strong swallow. She said that getting her weened off the traech will be a priority. I also had a chance to speak with Erin's case manager from Touro. She seems very nice.
Tonight I am in Houston on business. It will be hard not seeing her, but she is in good hands with her sister Melissa tonight.


  1. Dustyn, the case manager will be the person to really get to know...she can help you with any concerns and take your suggestions to the team. Hope. All we have is hope!!!!!

  2. Thanks for the update Dustyn! Touro will have great things in store for Erin, I know it!!

  3. Thinking about you guys all of the time... I am going to visit today after my class at 4:30. Erin is so proud of the work you do. BEAMING - like she does. So do that work well.

  4. In case you need a spiritual lift while you're here... 89.3 FM is an amazing station. Also can be streamed by going to You and Erin are in my daily prayers.

    And as a little "happy" if you have the time... Chuy's has awesome TexMex (Westheimer @ Kirby).

    Deus Providebit. God WILL provide Dustyn.

    I am sure that, like myself, all those that are praying for Erin are praying for you too!!!

    Stay strong!