Monday, May 16, 2011

Monday May 16th

Well the weather isn't really very pleasant for too much of the time here in southern Louisiana. This weekend was an exception. Kelley, Kay, and Henry came in and we had a nice time. We were able to take Erin out on the deck at Touro Saturday for a few hours. Sunday we went back outside with Melissa and a few friends. Just sitting outside feels so much better than in the hospital room.  It has to be nice for Erin too, even if there isn't much to look at. Kelli was a sweet sister and painted Erin's toenails last night. Erin has been doing okay. She has avoided any fevers over the last few days. I apologize for the reduced frequency of updates, but there is less to report lately. I will keep everyone in the loop on any news though, you can be sure of that.  


  1. I check in every day to see what is new and going on. We are keeping up with Erin from Florida. Lots of people are still pulling so hard for her recovery. We will be out of town, Dustyn, for the events you guys have planned for Erin. But know that you both are never far from our thoughts. Stay a dinosaur!!! Love the Shelby Family

  2. I dreamed last night that Erin was awake and had long black flowing hair and we had a big party!
    We will be leaving tonight for disney (I've gotta get her pink Minnie Ears!) but we will be checking in on her progress.

  3. Continuing to think of y'all daily.

  4. Im so happy to hear that Erin's getting out. I know she's not one for being cooped up indoors:)
    Thinking of you guys everyday...Thanks for the updates Dustyn~~


    This is a link to an awesome story aired last night about a young man with a brain injury..Cecile