Saturday, May 21, 2011

Saturday May 21st Update

Erin and I did are usual Saturday routine. Well usual for the last few weeks.... We went outside for a few hours and caught up. Of course Erin did all the listening, for those of you that know Erin you know how much she liked to talk. She is doing a lot more listening lately. Hopefully she will be back to her old ways, telling stories and bossing me around. Erin is doing well, just minor medical issues. It's hard to stay healthy when you don't get out of bed for a couple of months. They are doing an excellent job taking care of Erin here and I am worried about what the future of her medical care holds for her. Extended medical stays cost tons of money and insurance companies want to see results. I understand this, everyone wants a return on investment. The problem is that results are coming slowly. I hope Erin has a big week and shows some solid results. It is difficult to think about it but much of the decision making processes on Erin's near future are based on purely numerical data. Putting it simply, each week numbers are tallied in accordance to her abilities if the numbers are not rising the insurance company starts thinking about throttling back funds for rehabilitation. I guess it could be worse, some companies just allot a certain number of rehabilitation days and once you reach your limit you wait until the next calendar year. Regardless of Erin's short term prognosis I remain confident that she will continue to make gains. We will see how the next few weeks go. Her projected release date is still June the 1st. This is only days away from now.

 I am still amazed by everyone's generosity. All of the good folks at Tulane University greeted me this week when i stopped in to pick up my diploma. I almost lost it, but was able to keep it together enough to shake some hands and thank everyone. I got out of there without balling my eyes out.

 Erin got a great surprise this week from my mom who made her an awesome quilt. The quilt has different patches depicting some of Erin's old favorite things: Mardi Gras, Saints, wine corks, and school stuff. It also has a new favorite thing: dinosaurs. Erin just hasn't had the chance to realize her true respect for a dinosaur's strength and tenacity.


  1. thinking of you both each day and praying for Erin to wake up and ask what the hell is going on? Her students think of her on a daily basis and keep her in their daily prayers. Your love for Erin shows with each blog you send. Erin is a very lucky woman to have such a wonderful husband and family in her life. Zach sends his love to you both and he is still trying to come to the fishing trip in June.

  2. Dustyn, my son Will Davenport attends St. George's and is in 4th grade. He has only had Erin as a PE teacher some time ago and I have never personally met her, but I have been following your updates since the beginning. We pray for you both and the rest of your family daily. Your grace during this confusing time has been inspirational. I was an intensive care nurse for years and then was a nurse anesthetist for several years before Katrina and have seen patients and families go through so many hard times and Erin surely has a top notch support system in her family. We will say a few added prayers that Erin can experience some extra strides in the next week. Thank you for letting us follow your journey.

  3. Miss Kathy,
    The quilt is absolutely gorgeous and is just perfect for Erin. That is truly homemade from the heart and quite a labor of love. It just couldn't fit Erin better even down to the masks stitching. I know she will love it! It is a very special gift. Hope to see you soon.
    Love, Kelli

  4. What a beautiful Quilt and priceless gift. Erin will love it!! Hang in there Dustyn, you are doing great, and we are all in there with you thru this. Will be saying extra prayers this week for some big progress. Love yall.