Sunday, May 1, 2011

Sunday May 1st Update

I took a break from the hospital today and was picking up a cup of coffee and bumped into a celebrity. I bumped into Tracy, who was Erin's nurse during the first few days after the accident. We instantly recognized each other and exchanged pleasantries. He will never know how much he did for our family by reassuring us and explaining what in the heck was going on. Thank you Tracy, and everyone else at Ochsner. Heck, he was even wearing a red "pray for Erin" bracelet. A friend of mine recently wrote an essay that she shared with me entitled "Humanism in Medicine". In the essay she explains the care that different staff members have displayed while treating Erin and how that care translates into comfort for both families and patients. These are intangibles that can not be reflected in data or statistics but from personal experience I can say that humanism in medicine is a concept I can get behind.
Erin had a restful weekend. I tried to work with her over bending her legs and arms, trying to keep her loose for therapy and prevent muscle tightening from taking place. She had a slight fever this morning, but seems to be doing alright. I hope everyone had a great weekend.

Here's a picture of our girl gobbling up some spring rolls at last year's Jazzfest.


  1. Continuing to pray for Erin, Dustyn and their family. I know God must be bombarded with prayers for you all.

  2. Hearing the music this weekend made me think about you guys even more than usual. I told my husband that he has to make his crawfish bread for Erin when she wakes up, since she's missing out on the fest this year. He's ready when she is:)
    P.S. How have I not heard about "Pray for Erin" bracelets? Can we St. G's ladies get in on that?

  3. Still/Always thinking of you and Erin. Glad to hear your getting out, even if its just for coffee :) I hope her fever subsides and she and her team can focus on her therapy.