Friday, May 13, 2011

Thursday May 12th Update

Today, Kelli and I met with Erin's case manager and her main doctor. Erin continues to make baby steps in her recovery, and her therapists are happy with her progress thus far. We were reminded again, how early we are in the grand scheme of things. Erin has been having some "minor" medical problems that of course side track her progress. There were predictably no predictions of eventual outcomes. The doctor went over the possible complications and all the outcomes that we need to be possibly prepared for.
The doctor told us that Erin has moved on from a comatose state to a vegetative state. I suspected this was coming. In the last few weeks Erin has started spending more time with her eyes open. The presence of "sleep/wake" cycles indicates the progression from a coma to a vegetative state. I have also read that only a very small percentage of traumatic brain injury survivors remain in this vegetative state. Erin can still progress with the continued therapy and stimulation. We remain hopeful that she will continue to heal and continue to show more signs of awareness. She has made steps in the right direction. The therapists all report that she has progressed nicely in the last month that she has been here at Touro.


  1. All positive baby steps are so important and so encouraging!!!! Keep the faith.

  2. Dustyn, I read your update on Erin. You are both in our thoughts and prayers. Clay went by the hospital today, too. You indicate that Erin is in a vegetative state. Have you read about some of the studies using Ambien to increase consciousness in patients following TBI?