Saturday, May 28, 2011

Wednesday May 25th Update

  I was going through Erin's pictures and found one I took of here right after the Saint's won the Super Bowl at the victory parade.

 Erin loved to have her picture taken and I am glad that she did. She may look different now but she is still a beautiful woman.

I will never be ashamed of my wife and I will always love her. This week has been a tough one I am learning things that no should ever have to think about and certainly not this early in life. It is easy to think that everything in life will come easily and I wish that was so. Erin and I have had a great marriage and have been truly blessed to have found each other. We get along so great and have had an action packed relationship. I enjoy reading anything she has written and recently found a diary which mapped out our first years together. She really was head over heels for me come to find out. Erin has had a good week with positive results from therapy. Her anticipated release date is now June 8th. I have been hard at work to determine where we go from here. I'll keep everyone updated with any news.


  1. I pray for you, Erin and your families daily. You are truly an inspiration, Dustyn. Praying for a miracle for your family. Warm regards.

  2. I pray for Erin and your family daily. Keep the faith and do not be afraid to ask for a miracle.

  3. From the way you talk about your relationship and especially how you talk about Erin, it sounds like you two have had something truly special in your time together so far. Many would envy the lovely little life you two have.

    You and your beautiful bride, and all those who love her most, are always in my heart and on my mind. Looking forward to showing some small measure of support at the event on the 9th.

  4. Dustyn,
    Keep the faith and stay strong. God's not called the great miracle worker for nothing! Consider reading Erin's journal to her. Strong emotions, especially those of love are known to do wonders. Praying everyday for you two!!!!

    God's blessings over both of you!!!

  5. Our life script is one uniquely our own. This tragedy with Erin or with anyone for that matter can never be understood but simply one for all touched by it to endure and walk through with grace,faith and tremendous love for all affected. Reading your blogs the spirit of your love for your precious Erin is abundant. I pray for you and her family the continued strength as you make plans and preparations for her next step in this journey. Keep writing...I know many like me check in on Erin through this blog regularly!

  6. My name is Gail... I am Jordan and Chase's Mom.. they often spoke of the both of you .. they really think the world of you two. I just have to say what an inspiration you have been to me..I admire your strength and courage. The both of you and your family have been in my thoughts daily...Seeing the love that you share reminds me of me and my husband.. There truly is strength in love.. and I have seen that through both of you... peace.. and love...

  7. We missed her at our end of the year St. George's events. We spoke and thought about her a whole bunch on Friday. Students mentioned their gratitude for her at the graduation ceremony. Still saying prayers for all of you guys and looking forward to the benefits coming up.

  8. Dear Dustyn,

    "The ultimate measure of a man is not where he stands in moments of comfort, but where he stands at times of challenge and controversy." -- Martin Luther King, Jr.

    Love you,

  9. We were all thinking of Erin as the St. George's school year came to an end. She is definitely missed here. Thank you for the continued updates. Thinking of you all and looking forward to celebrating Erin's spirit at the upcoming benefits.