Wednesday, June 29, 2011

June 29th Update

 Everything is coming together for Erin's move home. It looks like I will get her home late next week if everything goes well. She continues to have some swelling and the doctors are aware and monitoring it. All of Erin's home health equipment was delivered and set up yesterday. I was going to try and set up a bed in the room with her, but I'm not quite sure there is enough room. I'll figure it out. I was joking with someone, I feel like goldilocks I've slept in every bed in my house trying to pick out the best one. My dogs are super confused I keep changing bedrooms.  
 The contractor is moving along nicely he has done many renovations for the handicapped and is very well versed in what needs to be done in ordered to make the home more accessible. I just can't get interested in any aspect of it, other than functionality. He asks what color and I just shrug and tell him to pick one. Thanks for all the offers of help on the renovations, I just can't organize anything, I just needed someone to do the whole deal turn-key, kinda quickly too.

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Sunday June 26th update

Erin got a special visitor on Friday evening. Her nephew Brennen came by to see her. He is always so sweet and it is nice to see how innocent kids can be sometimes. He simply sees his "nan".
 Erin is doing alright, fighting an infection.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

June 22nd Update

 Erin isn't doing too hot. She had a CT scan yesterday to try and determine what is going on. Erin is having some swelling in her head from a build up of excess cerebral spinal fluid CSF. She will go to Ochsner's main hospital tomorrow and be seen by her original neurosurgeon. Hopefully it is a simple adjustment of her VP shunt. She is sick and hopefully we will have an idea of what is going on tomorrow.
 Everything is coming along nicely to get Erin moved home in the next couple of weeks. One can only imagine the process it is to make a home ready to take care of someone in Erin's condition. I still have a ton to figure out about giving Erin the proper care that she requires. It seems like end up repeating the phrase,"I'll figure it out" about 20 times a day. Heck, it has worked so far so I will just let that be my motto for now. Thankfully with a little help I have been able to get almost all of Erin's 'big" medical equipment lined-up so that is one less worry. I must say that I have had really good luck navigating the insurance speed bumps to get these things done efficiently.
 I have been told that this is a series of peaks and valleys but it sure seems to be more valleys than peaks lately. Erin and I were supposed to have spent the last week at a beach house we had rented, it seems like that those plans were in a different life and in a way I guess it was. Things have changed and plans get canceled, that is life. I am okay with that. Tomorrow is a new day and with it a new set of challenges. I'll figure it out.    

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Thank you

I could not possibly fully express my feelings and thoughts about the Evening for Erin event but I will start with amazing and overwhelmimg. The 650 plus crowd drew many of Erin's medical staff, family and friends from near and far, some we see often and some we have not seen in many years. Yet ALL so special to us and in some way touched by Erin and her story. Since the accident, days and nights are difficult, your faith challenged, and you often wonder how you willl get through to the next moment. Yet I realized from the spirit of last Thursday night, we are making it thanks to an incredible amount of love and support. I never knew that such joy could exist in the midst of so much uncertainty and sadness. We know we are not alone and are in it together as Team Erin!
I would like to thank everyone who helped plan, organize, volunteered, donated, worked and attended the night. And a very special thanks to a dedicated group of chipmunks, who came through in true green and white fashion. This event would not have been such a success without each of you. This all started as a small idea that turned into a passion of the heart, many people hopped on board and stepped up for different reasons but all for the same, their love for Erin. It certainly showed that night.
A heartfelt thanks to the Blessey Marine crew for an incredible job at the Fishing Rodeo last Saturday. It was a great team effort by a special group of people who know what family is all about. We could never thank you enough for all of your compassion and care. I know Erin is so proud and humbled by your support.
We remain strong and hopeful for the future. Through faith and prayer, we continue to believe that God is on our side and will bring us peace, comfort and healing for Erin.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

June 15th Update

Erin is coming home. It isn't great fanfare and it certainly isn't a victory. there just simply isn't much that can be done with an unresponsive patient. I am going to take her home and make her as comfortable as possible. I will work with her and give her whatever therapy I can. I will meet with a contractor and get working on a few modifications to our house. I will get her room set up and she can have her dogs on her lap. Unfortunately Erin has mountains to climb and maybe with time can gain some consciousness. I am hoping to have all the necessary equipment and modifications for the first part of July. Once she is home I will hire in home care while I work and will need to lean on her friends and family to help in the evening. I am thankful to know that I will not be dealing with this alone. My Mom left for home today after helping out for the last week. It was nice to have some time with her and she is a strong woman how has dealt with her fair share of tragedy, much like many of you. I continue to learn everyday. Thank again to all for the thoughts and prayers.  

Monday, June 13, 2011

Monday June 13th Update

 Okay sorry for the blog neglect. Wow, did I have a great, busy, moving, and overall wonderful last few days. Erin's two benefits were both huge successes. Everyone involved did a great job getting organized, they worked their tails off to make 2 special occasions that will go down in the books!
 Erin is settled into her new temporary home at Ochsner's Elmwood facility. They seem to have a great team working for Erin. I am sad that she had to leave Touro, but hopeful that we can get her back in due time. She misses her "girls" and morning wake-ups. Erin is in room 323. There are no set visiting hours but she will have rehab during various times. I think they are from 0900-1100 and 1:30- 3:00 or thereabouts. If you go while she is in therapy you may not get to see her, but I think visitors are helpful and she has a nice big room for everyone to be able to relax while there.  

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Tuesday June 7th Update

 Well there are some things you should never have to do for a loved one. One of these things I did today: I picked a color for my wife's wheelchair. ugh.
 Erin's benefits were on the news today. Big thanks to Rick, Tina, and Jennifer! you guys were great, Erin would be humbled to see the out pouring of love for her. Also thanks to those people that were instrumental in getting Erin's spot televised.  One of Erin's therapists said she recently sold her house and the folks that bought it asked her about Erin! She has touched a lot people.

Monday, June 6, 2011

On the News Tuesday Morning

Tune in Tuesday morning, June 7th for a segment on the benefits for Erin. It will air on The Morning Show on WWL-TV Channel 4 with Sally and Eric. The time for the segment will be 7:45 a.m. Looking forward to seeing everyone on Thursday evening!

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Saturday June 4th Update

Erin is doing okay. She has been pretty stable over the last week. Erin had a barium swallow test to make sure that during speech therapy anything that was going into her mouth was going into her stomach. The results were not what we were hoping for. The test showed that Erin was aspirating instead of swallowing. she was able to cough when this occurred, so at least she can cough when something does go down into her bronchial tree. To make a long story short Erin won't be able to practice swallowing anytime soon. Aspiration would put her at great risk for pneumonia. This is probably our last weekend here at Touro, hopefully we can come back eventually. If Erin improves she can benefit from their great program and staff. Today she has been here 54 days. It has been 80 days since this nightmare started, but we are doing okay and will continue to hold our heads high and take each day as it comes.
 I hope that Erin isn't lonely, uncomfortable, in pain, depressed, or anything else unpleasant. It is so hard not being able to communicate to each to each other about what's going on. I just can't stand to think that she needs something and can't communicate it with anyone.
 Today a friend of mine went on the radio to promote the fishing tournament that he is helping to organize. He did a great job to spread Erin's story, (Great job Ken). We are so looking forward to a great weekend in the sun with family and friends.

 Here is an "old" picture of Erin and her Chapelle classmates with Father Paul at our wedding. Erin is very fortunate to have such loving friends during all of this. I am also fortunate, as they have all taken me in and offered their unconditional support. (that really goes for everyone). Thanks.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Wednesday June 1 Update

 Well it seems that Erin will be moving out of Touro next week. Erin will be going to Ochsner's skilled nursing facility. This is a short term situation but it allows me some breathing room to try and figure out what's next. It will also give Erin some more time to try and heal. She will still be getting therapy and I am confident that she will get the same excellent care she received at Ochsner's ICU. A special thanks to the people who helped me make this next step much less stressful than I had originally thought.
 Erin will be fitted for a special wheelchair next week. The chair she uses now is a loaner, she will get fit for a chair specifically for her. Many thanks to everyone who have helped me afford this expense.