Wednesday, June 15, 2011

June 15th Update

Erin is coming home. It isn't great fanfare and it certainly isn't a victory. there just simply isn't much that can be done with an unresponsive patient. I am going to take her home and make her as comfortable as possible. I will work with her and give her whatever therapy I can. I will meet with a contractor and get working on a few modifications to our house. I will get her room set up and she can have her dogs on her lap. Unfortunately Erin has mountains to climb and maybe with time can gain some consciousness. I am hoping to have all the necessary equipment and modifications for the first part of July. Once she is home I will hire in home care while I work and will need to lean on her friends and family to help in the evening. I am thankful to know that I will not be dealing with this alone. My Mom left for home today after helping out for the last week. It was nice to have some time with her and she is a strong woman how has dealt with her fair share of tragedy, much like many of you. I continue to learn everyday. Thank again to all for the thoughts and prayers.  


  1. Hi Dustyn,

    We have not met though I feel as if I know you. I was a classmate of Erin in Elementary and High School. I have been following your updates since day one. I am so sorry for what Erin, you and your families are dealing with. We are not a very religious family but we do believe in being good people and doing for others. We also believe in the power of prayer and ya'll are always in our prayers.

    I wanted to let you know how much I respect your love for Erin, dedication, honesty and optimism throughout this journey. These are rare qualities nowadays, luckily I have a husband like you. Your blog has made me more aware of how quickly and unexpectedly our life can change. I wake up more thankful for my family and friends and less worried about the bills that are piling in or getting our home cleaned and I sincerely thank you for that. Every night I go to bed thanking God even more for the blessings I have and not asking Him "why can't we have this/that etc..". No matter the long-term outcome of Erin (which if prayers count; she should be back to her old self soon), rest assured that you and Erin have changed many peoples lives for the better forever.
    Lastly, I have been giving my husband updates on your situation and he would love to offer his physical capabilities with the home modifications or anything else that may need to be done around your home for Erin. He is not a contractor but he built most of our home and is very handy with tools which he has many of. He does own a Telecommunications business, so he can also run cable, telephone, and speaker lines etc.. Not sure if that is relevant with what will need to be done to your home. If you would like his help, please email him at


  2. Dear Dustyn, as Jennifer said above, you do not know me, but I too have been following Erin's journey! I graduated the year before Erin at Chapelle! Your dedication, love and support to your wife is inspirational! I wake up everyday now and thank God for giving me that new day! I know that Erin is now coming home to start her recovery here! I also know that you will need lots of help as you mentioned in your post! I am a Registered Nurse currently working in the Nursery/NICU at Ochsner. I would love to volunteer some of my time and assistance to help my fellow chipmunk out on her road to recovery! I know it's not much, but I work night shifts now, so even if it's a night shift that you need filled for several hours, please just let me know! You can contact me via e-mail at You and sweet Erin will continue to be in my daily prayers! God Bless you and hang in there!!!!!
    Sincerely a fellow ACHS Chipmunk, Amy Flynn

  3. Dustyn, Please add my name to evening help list. I'm praying daily for God to heal Erin and for God to give you the strength you need to walk through this. I would love to help in the evening.
    With Love and Prayers,
    Denise Marcon (high school friend of Kelli)

  4. Dustyn, You also do not know me.....My son Will Davenport goes to St. Georges and has had Erin as a PE teacher in the past. I have been following her progress along with many others and also want to offer my help in her home care...I am a retired RN who worked many years in Tulane and Touro surgical ICU and then got my masters in Nurse Anesthesia and worked and taught anesthesia students at Charity. I "retired" after Katrina to raise my kids but hopefully I could be of some assistance in her care at home, maybe helping for a few hours here and there. Please do not hesitate to email me, I would love to donate some time in her care as needed. Sincerely, Julie Davenport

  5. Dustyn,
    Please let me help you and Erin. I graduated with Erin in '95. I am a state liscenced Interior Designer that deals with ADA accessability issues everyday. There is a lot to consider when adapting an existing interior environment to accomodate acccessibility...finishes, millwork, doorways, bathtubs...lots of details that contractors (some not all) arent always aware of when coordinating during design and construction...I will be more than happy to volunteer and provide ANY service such as documenting and drawing existing conditions, providing demo drawings, new floor plans, finish selections, millwork drawings and name it. Whatever you need, at any part of the design / construction process that you need from an interiors standpoint or if you just need a consultant or someone to review information; I am here to help. We have mutual friends of FB. Please feel free to contact me.
    Sending you and your family prayers and support every day.. Melissa M. Edmonds

  6. Dustyn, Add our family on the list too. We can help you do whatever needs to be done. You have our number and you can let me know what we can do.
    Julie Hartline

  7. My children also had Erin as a PE teacher. Erin always had a bright sparkle in her eye. I'm sure she has had the best care possible and I certainly don't want to suggest things that you've already tried or looked into. I work for a medical office that uses alternative therapies in addition to traditional care, so I just want to mention a couple things. SCIO, is a sophisticated version of biofeedback that can help diagnose and treat energetic imbalances in a patient's body. A hyperbaric chamber daily would infuse oxygen to promote healing as well. A nutritionist could suggest oxygen-rich foods that could be added to whatever form Erin is being fed. Dr. Henry Hall of Tallahassee, FL, could be a great resource for the nutrition.

    Please disregard any of this you do not agree with or don't find helpful. I'm just trying to do what little I can from a distance because Erin is so special to so many.

  8. Brigette Vicknair McGoeyJune 16, 2011 at 9:27 PM

    Hello Dustyn,
    You do not know me and I have not seen Erin in Many years. I graduated from Chapelle in '94 and we were on Chapellettes together. I have been following your updates since the accident. Erin is in my thoughts often and I know that this is an overwhelming thing to go through. I am an occupational therapist and I work in the home health field. I happen to work with a friend of Erin's, Jennifer Lacoste. I would be happy to do whatever I can to help out, OT sessions, recommendations for home setup, adaptive equipment, etc. Please don't hesitate to contact me at once you get settled down at home.

  9. My husband, balad also very handy with building and tools. Also aware of wheelchair needs as he grewn up with a mom in wheelchair. Call him at 458-9421. Ready to help

  10. Hello Dustyn,
    Erin also taught my daughter at St. George's. She is a wonderful person and I have y'all in my thoughts often. I also would be available to lend a hand with drawings and ADA layouts for your modifications. I work at a local architecture firm and I'm available if you need me. You devotion and love is so inspiring.
    I'm here to help.
    Erin Ryerson

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