Monday, June 13, 2011

Monday June 13th Update

 Okay sorry for the blog neglect. Wow, did I have a great, busy, moving, and overall wonderful last few days. Erin's two benefits were both huge successes. Everyone involved did a great job getting organized, they worked their tails off to make 2 special occasions that will go down in the books!
 Erin is settled into her new temporary home at Ochsner's Elmwood facility. They seem to have a great team working for Erin. I am sad that she had to leave Touro, but hopeful that we can get her back in due time. She misses her "girls" and morning wake-ups. Erin is in room 323. There are no set visiting hours but she will have rehab during various times. I think they are from 0900-1100 and 1:30- 3:00 or thereabouts. If you go while she is in therapy you may not get to see her, but I think visitors are helpful and she has a nice big room for everyone to be able to relax while there.  


  1. I have been following Erin's story for a while. I was honored to help out by scheduling a blood drive with Blessey Marine. I wanted to go to the benefit but other obligation kept me away. My prayers and all positive thoughts go out for Erin everyday. She has touched my life beyond belief.

    Carol Hubert, Acct Rep, The blood Center

  2. God's ways don't always make sense in the present but every situation brings about an opportunity for God's presence to show up and show out. I pray for Erin and her continued road to recovery. I also pray for all of those treating Erin that God's grace be upon them a thousand fold to aide her progress and help to bring about God's miraculous power as a testament of His love for us and our love for our neighbors. Erin is truly an amazing person and angels like this are always high in God's favor. Amen.

  3. Dustyn - it was great to see you last week. You and Erin are in my thoughts and prayers.

    Jody Coker