Monday, June 6, 2011

On the News Tuesday Morning

Tune in Tuesday morning, June 7th for a segment on the benefits for Erin. It will air on The Morning Show on WWL-TV Channel 4 with Sally and Eric. The time for the segment will be 7:45 a.m. Looking forward to seeing everyone on Thursday evening!


  1. Can I get the contact info for the person handling tickets? I sent an email a few days ago to the gmail account, but never received a response.

    Lisa Jones

  2. Dustyn, Kelli, and Family,
    I am praying continually for Erin to be fully healed and restored. My thoughts and prayers are with you! God is in the miracle business and with God ALL things are possible. Miracles happen every day and I pray that God continues to hold you up and give you strength. Although I have not yet met Erin, I am moved by her story. I know she is a fighter! Thank you for posting on the blog. With much love, Denise Marcon (high school friend of Kelli)

  3. Dustyn,
    I have followed all of Erin's progress reports on your blog, and pray for her every day. And I also pray for you to continue to be a strong, loving partner. Often, the partner who remains in good health is forgotten. Continue to accept all of the wonderful help and support that has been sent your way. You are my hero! Too bad every gal doesn't have a wonderful husband like you. Your actions bring me to tears!!! Gee, you must have had a very good mama...(I'll attest to that one!) Keep the faith and be strong like a dinosaur! Lots of love,