Saturday, June 4, 2011

Saturday June 4th Update

Erin is doing okay. She has been pretty stable over the last week. Erin had a barium swallow test to make sure that during speech therapy anything that was going into her mouth was going into her stomach. The results were not what we were hoping for. The test showed that Erin was aspirating instead of swallowing. she was able to cough when this occurred, so at least she can cough when something does go down into her bronchial tree. To make a long story short Erin won't be able to practice swallowing anytime soon. Aspiration would put her at great risk for pneumonia. This is probably our last weekend here at Touro, hopefully we can come back eventually. If Erin improves she can benefit from their great program and staff. Today she has been here 54 days. It has been 80 days since this nightmare started, but we are doing okay and will continue to hold our heads high and take each day as it comes.
 I hope that Erin isn't lonely, uncomfortable, in pain, depressed, or anything else unpleasant. It is so hard not being able to communicate to each to each other about what's going on. I just can't stand to think that she needs something and can't communicate it with anyone.
 Today a friend of mine went on the radio to promote the fishing tournament that he is helping to organize. He did a great job to spread Erin's story, (Great job Ken). We are so looking forward to a great weekend in the sun with family and friends.

 Here is an "old" picture of Erin and her Chapelle classmates with Father Paul at our wedding. Erin is very fortunate to have such loving friends during all of this. I am also fortunate, as they have all taken me in and offered their unconditional support. (that really goes for everyone). Thanks.

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  1. HI Dustyn. You don't know us, my son Christopher was new this year at St. Georges & in Erin's 7th grade class. A friend of mine's son sustained a TBI last Dec, so he is a bit ahead of Erin. They too have experienced too many setbacks to count, the last being a grand mal seizure. Since his recovery from that 2 weeks ago, he went into speedy recovery mode, improving by leaps & bounds as compared to where he was. He too had trouble swallowing & is now eating small bites of applesauce. Keep the faith, it will get better. I know you are playing music for Erin. For Michael, some special ed teaching friends suggested that they tape friends and family saying nursery rhymes & Dr. Seuss stories and make a separate tape of news, letters from friends, etc to play. They also keep one of his favorite books in his room for visitors to read a little to him when they come. They have also been able to bring his cat to visit.
    Please continue your posting--we are all praying for her. Please post anything Erin may need, no matter how ridiculous or huge it may sound--you never know who will read it & be able to easily fulfull your need. We will continue to keep ya'll in our prayers.

    Laurie White