Sunday, June 19, 2011

Thank you

I could not possibly fully express my feelings and thoughts about the Evening for Erin event but I will start with amazing and overwhelmimg. The 650 plus crowd drew many of Erin's medical staff, family and friends from near and far, some we see often and some we have not seen in many years. Yet ALL so special to us and in some way touched by Erin and her story. Since the accident, days and nights are difficult, your faith challenged, and you often wonder how you willl get through to the next moment. Yet I realized from the spirit of last Thursday night, we are making it thanks to an incredible amount of love and support. I never knew that such joy could exist in the midst of so much uncertainty and sadness. We know we are not alone and are in it together as Team Erin!
I would like to thank everyone who helped plan, organize, volunteered, donated, worked and attended the night. And a very special thanks to a dedicated group of chipmunks, who came through in true green and white fashion. This event would not have been such a success without each of you. This all started as a small idea that turned into a passion of the heart, many people hopped on board and stepped up for different reasons but all for the same, their love for Erin. It certainly showed that night.
A heartfelt thanks to the Blessey Marine crew for an incredible job at the Fishing Rodeo last Saturday. It was a great team effort by a special group of people who know what family is all about. We could never thank you enough for all of your compassion and care. I know Erin is so proud and humbled by your support.
We remain strong and hopeful for the future. Through faith and prayer, we continue to believe that God is on our side and will bring us peace, comfort and healing for Erin.

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  1. What a wonderful post!!! Erin would have been proud of both of the benefits!