Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Tuesday June 7th Update

 Well there are some things you should never have to do for a loved one. One of these things I did today: I picked a color for my wife's wheelchair. ugh.
 Erin's benefits were on the news today. Big thanks to Rick, Tina, and Jennifer! you guys were great, Erin would be humbled to see the out pouring of love for her. Also thanks to those people that were instrumental in getting Erin's spot televised.  One of Erin's therapists said she recently sold her house and the folks that bought it asked her about Erin! She has touched a lot people.


  1. I'm keeping you and Erin in my heart and
    my prayers daily.

  2. Dustyn, we've never met, but I stumbled upon a post for erin's benefit on a friend's facebook site. Curiosity then led me to your blog. I think I've read every post from u & your fly. It was like reading a novel that I couldn't put down. The love & support shown for your wife is amazing, which also portrays what an amazing woman she must be to have such a devoted husband! I hope the obvious strong faith your family has will continue to guide u through this difficult time. I am an RN & work as a case mgr in a longterm facility. I have had the privelege of working with a pt similar to erin's case but also a little more complicated; the milestones were frustrating as a nurse, I hope I never have to
    experience it as a family member. Always remember, if u are willing to fight & not give up the nurse/case manager must also fight! (Dr's, insurance co, medical
    science). Neuro is a difficult field mostly trial & error, but always cont. to retry.
    Touro is an amazing place, be persistent in getting her reapproved as soon as
    she shows a little more progress. It took my pt 3x's through their doors along
    with extensive therapy in our facility, with the end result being discharge home
    with min assist! I will keep your wife & fly in my prayers. On behalf of our
    profession, thank you for the kind words & appreciation of our "humanism". I
    guess this is my attempt to pay it forward.

  3. The TV post was really good!!! I have spoken to alot of people that saw it. Erin is so very blessed to have not only a wonderful devoted husband, but quite a host of loving supporting family, extended family and friends. What a gift!! See you at the benefits!!!!